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A flower such as a ROSE only blossoms with water and warmth and that is true with you too…  In order to blossom you need to stay in the light, let the darkness fade through watering your life with joy ;)




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Just because you can’t see how far the road leads or even if there is a cliff off in the distance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start your Journey one step at a time letting the present show itself in the due time you need to grow ready for what comes along for your life to blossom.

There is no FEAR but FEAR itself drop the EGO and pick up your SOUL, it is true because I have done it too!






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A Path




We are on a path to enlightenment and positive change, the problem is the EGO wants it to be easy, and when it’s not you rely on the feeling the EGO gives you to accept failure. The moment you realize your future is built on building a solid foundation of self TRUST, self WORTH and a freeing of SELF from the EGO you will become FREE… Your past is not a place of failure but of ENDURANCE! Let GO of the PAST and then a better FUTURE is possible… It will hurt and it will be painful but it will be worth it for you will become the YOU where all your dreams come true, not of things but of ENJOYMENT,PEACE and STILLNESS! All you need do is LET GO of the YOU you think you KNOW and let the YOU you were born to be THROUGH! I have learned to do it TOO!



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We all have an opportunity to be part of something special, OUR LIVES! How long will you wait to take charge of your existance? Life is a CHOICE not a REQUIREMENT!!!

You either take charge of the moment or the moment takes charge of you… You may be saying how do I do that,what step can I take to become the me I see in my dreams? Well I tell you this it will hurt but it will be worth it,you have to do the things that scare you most like becoming your best friend and not your worst enemy. Because you have to live with yourself you might as well learn to accept and enjoy who you are and how you got here… Then put one foot in front of the other to a life you see in your dreams, for if you dream it you can live it.

I love you,




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what does that word mean?  Why is it important, to have goodness inside of you?  These are two important questions that only you can answer for yourself really.  But i will discuss me a little so you may better understand for yourself.

     Well if you don’t know me yet you will in a minute, I have many bumps and bruises,replaced acl,plate and six screws, couple sets of stitches as well as mental fatigue from a life lived.  My heart has been broken and I have broken a few hearts as well…

     But through it all I choose to move forward and be better than yesterday, as long as that is my goal and I choose to act on it then I can live with Goodness in my heart.  I have chosen to accept people for who they are not what I could hope for them to be.  Sure I make mistakes, take wrong turns but you can always double back or take a road that leads back to the one you were on.  There are no excuses in life just hurdles to be overcome and all it take is time and patience to figure it out.

  How about a story to give you an example, I was 4 and my family had moved to NY City and my mom was late for an interview as a dental assistant, so she ran inside to let them know she was there but she left my little sister Alison and I in the car while she did.  But I was a little pyro and she was a smoker which is not a good combination if she leaves her cigarette case in the car with the matches in it.  so I needed something to pass the time so iI grabbed the case and took out the matches, struck one love the ignition of the flame and the smell of the sulfur as well.  But it burned my finger so i dropped the match on the VW Bug polyester carpet under the front passenger seat, but as I watched it hit the carpet it looked like it went out so i went on with playing with my sister in her car seat but less than a few minutes later I smelled something burning and looked under the seat to find a blazing inferno so I looked at Alison said we need to get out of the car.  I got her out of her seat,put her over my shoulder and out of the car we went onto the sidewalk and just waited for Mom to come out.

  Ya I was 4 and sometimes there is goodness cast upon us whether we like it or not or we can learn that goodness is a choice that we can provide ourselves and the world with by making a conscious effort to change our attitude and our direction forward.  It is totally up to you now isn’t it.  don’t point blame, find the strength inside yourself to make the changes you want to see in the world in yourself!Image



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we all travel down our own road but realize we are not alone on it ever…


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© By Anonymous

~When no one is there for you~
~And you think no one cares~
~When the whole world walks out on you~
~And you think you’re alone~
~When the one you care about the most~
~Could care less about you~
~When the one you gave your heart to ~
~Throws it in your face~
~When all you need is a friend~
~To listen to you whine~
~When all you need is someone~
~To catch your tears~
~When your heart hurts so bad~
~You can’t even breathe~
~When you just want to crawl up and die~
~When you start to cry~
~After hearing that sad song~
~When the tears just won’t~
~Stop falling down~
~So you see I’ll be there until the end~
~This is a promise I can make~
~If you ever need me~
~Just give me a call and’~

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No matter how you feel personally about Tim or his faith in the Lord you have to realize his true power lies in his ability to get the most out of others…  He helps others to believe in themselves and that  no matter what….  They can WIN!!!


Tim Tebow does it again

tim tebow


A football player!

getting it done...

more of tims magic

Tim Tebow is one of the more polarizing figures in sports today. Fans love him with a manic passion, while his detractors constantly heap vitriol. In an interview for a feature story in the Dec. 19 issue of TIME magazine (available online and on the iPad to print subscribers), Tebow talks openly about the cause of these extreme emotions — his very public faith, epitomized by his habit of  “Tebowing” during games. Tebow once told a group of prisoners: “If you have Jesus Christ in your heart, you are going to spend eternity in heaven. If you don’t, you’re going to spend eternity in hell.”

Such a strict religious view is offensive to some people. But Tebow, when asked if he regrets anything he has said publicly about his faith, responds: “No, sir. Some of the things that have given me the most joy in my football career are the different times when I’ve spoken about my faith. Whether it was wearing Bible verses under my eyes in college, or wearing John 3:16 in the national championship game … Because every time I do that, that’s humbling for me because I know where my strength comes from. And I want to honor the person that gave them to me.”

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mo·ti·va·tion [moh-tuh-vey-shuhn]  Show IPA



the act or an instance of motivating,  or providing with areason to act in a certain way: I don’t understand what hermotivation was for quitting her job. Synonyms: motive,inspiration, inducement, cause, impetus.


the state or condition of being motivated: We know thatthese students have strong motivation to learn.


something that motivates;  inducement; incentive: Clearly,the company’s long-term motivation is profit.

In psychology, motivation refers to the initiation, direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior. Motivation is a temporal and dynamic state that should not be confused with personality or emotion. It involves having the desire and willingness to do something. A motivated person can be reaching for a long-term goal such as becoming a professional writer or a more short-term goal like learning how to spell a particular word. Personality invariably refers to more or less permanent characteristics of an individual’s state of being (such as shy, extrovert, conscientious). As opposed to motivation, emotion refers to temporal states that do not immediately link to behavior (such as anger, grief, or happiness).

Motivation can be categorized according to whether it is a basic, instinctive drive, unlearned and common to all people and also animals, or a learned motivation that can be unique. The former type of motivation involves satisfying the needs of the physical body, and include hunger, thirst, shelter or safety, sexual activity, and so forth. The latter type includes achievement of goals, whether they be in terms of gaining knowledge, power, self-development, or a loving relationship. This latter type can be seen as satisfying the desires of the mind and spirit. Motivation is complex since human nature is complex. Yet, to understand what motivates people to act in certain ways enables people to live and work peaceably with one another.

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My face has aged over the years, 37 to be exact on this earth trying to share moments energy and time.  I got lost a long time ago and was walking aimlessly through this life being something for others and neglecting myself in the process.  At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 I had a little epiphany, it was time for me to learn to wipe the tarnish of myself and shine brightly like a star.  I at the time was a portly 252 lbs. ya that is right ginormous compared to where I am today.  I looked in the mirror and made a decision to be come better on a daily basis, and that started with going over to Workout World in Waltham and getting a membership.  So you can only do it one day at a time so I was consistently working out and running to get into shape.  i started eating a lot of protein and fat to start and chew up the fat on my body and it progressively started to disappear.

I also made a decision to ride for MS in June of 2010 from Quincy to Provincetown a total of 175 miles in 2 days that’s right 2 days…  100 miles the first day 75 the second day, so I went to Wheel Works in Belmont to see what they had available for bikes in a price range that I could afford.  I found a mustard and brown Trek 3700 mountain bike last years model for 349$ and I was in business.  So I started training at the gym, running and riding my bike 13- 20 miles a day ya I don’t kid around when it comes to doing work..  There is no give up in this kid, sometimes I am afraid of rejection but when there is something that needs to get done I get it done.

So I dropped from 250 to 230 in about 2 months and I started to up my mileage on my bike and spike up the intensity as well so needless to say I was  in amazingly good shape by the time the ride came around.  I rode my 40 lb. mountain bike with 2 water bottles 2 locks wore a backpack and headed out on a two day ride to help find a cure for a debilitating disease that has stricken people close and far from me.  I never got so many compliments from people on beautiful 1000$ carbon fiber road bikes as I did on those 2 days.They said things like that I was a beast and just a little crazy to be riding my mountain bike with knobby tires 175 miles, but I used what I had and could afford while also having a bike I enjoy riding on a daily basis.

I was joined on this ride by Lucas Anderson a friend from way back in my Ritz camera working days of 1998, he was actually the reason I got the idea in the first place to challenge myself to do this ride and do it better than just well.  He, Lucas had done this ride before and had a nice road bike so we didn’t ride together for that long but it was great to know someone that was doing it as well.  so after the long hard 100 miles was over we got to stay at Mass Maratime Academy for the night and they had a great spread of food and BEER for us thanx to Wachusett Brewery and some other fine sponsors.  it was tough to sleep since it was the end of June and it was humid in the Barracks so it took a while to fall asleep.

The next morning did come to quickly but I was charged to get some grub in me and get on the rode to my home, Cape Cod the 2nd best place in the world besides Boston to me anyway.  We headed out about 530 am crossed the Bourne Bridge and we were off on the 75 mile excursion to Provincetown mostly by 6A, such beautiful scenery along that route and it just reminded me how awesome life truly is.  The route was a little more difficult, for the Quincy to Bourne route was a lot of down hill and on the way to Provincetown was a lot of up hill so the 75 did feel more like another 100 but it was an amazing experience to say the least.

We arrived in Provincetown to many fans clapping and rooting us on for most of the last stretch which was awesome because their positive energy made it not seem so far or so hard.  Once I got off my bike and put it on the truck to go back to Quincy I grabbed my bag and took a much earned and deserved shower in the portable showers they had for us to wash the road the sweat and the tears away with.  Lucas and I met up and went to enjoy a few beers before we boarded the ferry back to the real world and the experience would just be an amazing memory for us all from then on.

2010 was an amazing year full of learning experiences and fulfilling moments of joy I mean not everyday was amazing but for the most part it rocked.  2011 has been humbling to say the least, on my third job in 4 1/2 months but in any experience you bring the best of yourself into it and see what happens.  It doesn’t always work out, but if you give it your best shot that is truly all you can ask for.  I have landed at what I hope is a good restaurant experience and will help me grow and change for the better on a daily basis, we shall see.  My photography continues to find it’s own level and make me more happy and proud everyday, I hope for great opportunities to shine with camera and lens for months and years to come.

I had an opportunity to sit and chat with a great designer who has a Studio in Cambridge his name is Samuel Vartan if you are into the latest in woman’s fashion you should check out his work.  Not only is his work great but he is a great man to talk to as well, I am hoping we can do more great things together in the not so distant future.  The reason I had the opportunity to chat with him was that I photographed his spring, summer line at the Southern New England Woman’s Expo at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island last Sunday and it was quite an experience.  To read more about the expo check out my photography blog on it from last Monday.

The experiences I am getting to be a part of really are amazing and influential in my growth as a man.  I forget sometimes that I am a good person and have had an impact in many lives so far and can’t wait for the next life I can touch with my loving, caring heart.  I also have become more of a friend to myself which in this life is so important, we all have the opportunity to create positive change in our lives and other peoples lives should we choose to it is totally up to us.  I will leave you with this, If you treat others the way you feel then that will be 2 or more people who may be angry, bitter or irritated by you putting that energy out there.  But if you treat people the way that you want to be treated than for a moment in time you have healed the world.  here is to a happy healthy 2011, and please don’t condemn our president for the hard work he is trying to do to right this sinking ship nobody said it was gonna be easy but the best things in life never are.  It takes Time , love and tenderness of heart to create positive change and it starts inside you.  God bless