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Sorry Charlie

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I hope Charlie realizes his pain and can find a way to ask for help to overcome it…  Bipolar can be managed and overcome with a lot of inner healing and love of self…  Sorry Charlie right now you aren’t winning you are hurting…  God bless


an image of the day

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waiting for the call..

get in..

when in need they find the speed…

Food for Thought?

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Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882; One of ...

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question for the fb world… if there was no money how would you feel….
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    • Alan P. Scherer Jr. Photography would you feel less of a burden to be something you’re not and more of who you are inside…?

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    • Alan P. Scherer Jr. Photography would you’re motivation be to strive for inner consciousness instead of raises at work and promotions to the top of the corporate world?

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We all have moments in life where we truly shine outside ourselves…  When we let down our guard and truly be who we are meant to be.  Our lives are best lived when we are able to see that we just need to get out of our own way and let the goodness shine through.  I am working on it are you?


We as the people of this great nation and the world all have an opportunity on a daily basis to over come that which we could not control and start taking control of what we can.  Ourselves, it is our responsibility to shine like the stars the sun and the moon inside.  It only takes moving forward one better decision at a time to realize our true potential in this short life…

No person knows the answer for your life but you, it is time to rise and shine and give the glory to GOD for he trusts in you.  He believes you can overcome the past and make a solid today!