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Alan P Scherer Jr Photography

About alanpschererjrphotography

Life is inspiring: a child’s innocent smile, the broken down remnants of life hiding in the countryside or city, a model walking the runway…and I see it all. It’s all about capturing the feeling of the moment, the fleeting seconds, the lasting memory.

Armed with passion and my camera, I walk the streets of Boston capturing the energy of the city. Longer ago than I care to admit, I purchased my very first camera, a Kodak Disc – and since then haven’t been able to get photography out of my mind.


I worked in the retail photography business for several years in my youth, watching and helping others capture moments and memories with happiness. I upgraded my own camera during my time at that job, further fueling my love for photography and growing my passion and joy for capturing the world around me.


I believe that you get out of life what you choose to put in.  Shooting portraits and capturing what I see in the vibrant world around me allows me to share my heart and passion with you.


I’d love to work with you and help capture the passion in your heart and in your life. Together we can make images that will remind you of the happy times in life.

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I love the ocean so I do a lot of work around it capturing boats and life the like.  I also am a big kid at heart so capturing great images of children makes me happy also.  My photo blog is and this good vibes page is for my political and emotional content hope you become part of both I will periodically update both for your entertainment and educational fun..
the Whychmere harbor club Harwich, Ma.

the still of the evening in Harwich

I am from Cape Cod and still enjoy it but not as much as I truly would like, living in Watertown…
I grew up off of Queen anne rd. on a little dead-end street called Hillcrest Dr. #35 to be exact it was my Nana’s house and we lived there till I was 11 greatest years of my life just being able to enjoy being a kid.  The beaches in the summer, the ball fields in the spring, the snow in the winter and the smell of apple pies in the fall bring me back to yesteryear and the joy of it all…. I come from a big family and have a very famous grandfather in these parts his name is Jimmy Piersall and he played outfield for our beloved Redsox in parts of 8 seasons….  But the true greatness of our family lies in the  smile of Mary Ann Teevan Piersall My beautiful Nana.
Mary Ann Teevan Piersall

pure joy

james anthony piersall #37

my grandpa

I have a deep inner desire to share my vision with as many people as possible. With my camera, I can show and share things from far and wide as well as right here in my own community. I will use the passion I have to bring your lasting memories to life, allowing them to be shared and enjoyed for years to come.


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